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The Action Figures is a spin-off of Band From TV, the iconic charity celebrity cover band, but with a new twist! For the past 12 years, Band From TV has been the featured entertainment for major corporate and charity events all over the world, recorded on TV soundtracks (House), and even appeared on American Idol, The Tonight Show, at NASCAR, and at The Emmys galas! With a cast of major stars from TV and film, they have lit up countless stages across the globe.

Now, for the first time everTHE ACTION FIGURES are ready to make a big splash on the audience they know best… The Comic-Con crowd! The Action Figures features a professional back-lined band, supporting - at minimum - celebrities including Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alias, LOST) on drums, Adrian Pasdar (Heroes, Agents of Shield, Prophet) on guitar, Scott Grimes (The Orville, American Dad, Band of Brothers) on keyboards/vocals, Dan Fogler, (Walking Dead, Goldbergs, Fantastic Beasts) on vocals, Sarah Wayne Callies (Walking Dead, Colony) on vocals, and always additional SPECIAL GUESTS to rock the house and work the crowd. Whether it is a Comic Con, corporate event, casino, or private party, The Action Figures are ready to do their thing like they’ve been doing for years! In this age of celebrities connecting with a global audience, this is THE opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind, unique experience at your cons and special events!

The Action Figures has the experience and agility to pull from their extensive song library, and always encourages last-minute Comic Con special guests to get up and join them in the fun! Each booking comes with a minimum of 4 celebrities (dependent on budgets and schedules), plus the baddest backing band in the land!

Action Figures Logo 2.png

The ULTIMATE celebrity Comic Con cover band!

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